Autodesk Inventor

Overview of Autodesk Inventor Course:

Understand the features needed to create parts and assemblies in Inventor such as sketching, sketched features, placed features, work features, reference geometry, patterned geometry, design strategies, iParts, assemblies, and more.

  • Mechanical Product Design application creating parts, assemblies and drawings
  • Bring Ideas from Concept to Production with a coordinated and a consistent model-based approach
  • More easily model, edit and document designs of products.

Who should Attend?:

  • Design Engineers/engineering students wanting to make a career as Product Designer/Innovator
  • Mechanical Draftsman

Course Outline

1Inventor Overview
  • Interface
  • View Manipulation
  • Navigation Bar
  • Application Options and Environment
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
2Sketch Tools
  • Sketcher Environment
  • Lines, Rectangles, Circles, Arcs
  • Dimensions (General and Driven Dimensions)
  • Equations and Parameters
  • Automatic Constraints
  • Geometric Constraints
  • Fully Constrained Sketches
  • Sketch Fillets
  • Sketch Mirroring
  • Offset Entities
  • Trim/Extend
  • Projected Geometry
  • Ellipse
  • Polygon
  • Practice Exercises
3Solid/Part/Component Modeling
  • Extrude
  • Revolve
  • Holes
  • Sweep
  • Loft
  • Ribs
  • Practice Exercises
4Placed Features
  • Fillets
  • Chamfers
  • Shell
  • Draft
  • Practice Exercises
  • Work Features
  • Planes and Specialized Planes
  • Work Axes
  • Work Points
  • Grounded Work Points
  • User Coordinate Systems
5Creating Patterned Geometry
  • Mirroring (Features & Bodies)
  • Rectangular Patterns
  • Circular Patterns
  • Curve Driven Pattern
  • Sketch Driven Pattern
  • practice Exercises
6Design Strategies
  • Picking a Plane
  • Design Intent
  • Symmetry
  • Appearances
  • Editing Parts
  • Feature Order and Rollback Bar
  • Feature Suppression
  • Parent Child Relations
  • iProperties
  • Measure
  • practice Exercises
  • Dimension Changes in iParts
  • Suppressing Features in iParts
  • Creating an iPart
  • Practice Exercises
  • Introducing Assemblies
  • Placing Components
  • Positioning Parts
  • Introducing Constraints
  • Degrees of Freedom
  • Mate Constraint
  • Insert Constraint
  • Offset Constraint
  • Angle Constraint
  • Tangent Constraint
  • Constraint Alignment
  • Assemble
  • Alt + Drag Constraints
  • Practice Exercises
9Working with Assemblies
  • Interference Analysis
  • Collision Detection
  • Contact Sets
  • Bill of Materials
  • Assembly Appearances
  • Find in Window
  • Exploding Assemblies
  • Placing Content Center Parts

Career Path:

In the wake of finishing this course, Participants will have the capacity to Develop 3D CAD models at a component level and assemble them into Products for Manufacturing and Fabrication.

Benefits of learning Autodesk Inventor at Solve Tech Training Institute

  • Our experienced professionals are instructing this course.
  • Solve Tech provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
  • Following each session, you'll receive the course material for your own future reference.
  • You will receive an internationally recognised certification after completing the course.


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