English language training course in Dubai

English language training course in Dubai

Section 1

1. Listening to texts, listening to CDs, essays by a good listener

2. Introduction Vocabulary, consonants, and vowels.

3. Listening and understanding Language translation based on questions and answers.

Interactions between students

4. Reading Skills, Reading comprehension skills. Detection of position and central thinking.

5. Vocabulary and word processing from various texts and dictionaries

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Section 2

1. Basic grammar, prescriptive/descriptive approach, grammar, acceptance, communication, contextual grammar, spoken and written grammar

2. An exercise in using different grammatical structures in the subject. Determining the use of the above grammatical tools forms various texts such as newspapers, poems, stories, etc.

3. Words and phrases used for conversation, comment, question, order, suggestion, rejection, possibility, ability, satisfaction, commitments, etc.


1. Dialogues

2. Public speech

3. Telephonic Conversation


1. Translation – from Hindi to English

Section-5 GRAMMAR


2. Subject Verb Agreement

3. Voice

4. Antonyms

5. Synonyms

6. Prefix and Suffix

7. Parts of Speech

8. Narration

9. Writing on a given Topic


1. Form simple information about paragraph layout logically (coherence).

2. Writing an article (250 words) - argumentative, narrative, descriptive, creative.

3. Writing a note

4. Write a greeting letter and vote with thanks.


1. Definition and Purpose

2. Operation

3. Instructions

4. Useful sentences for introduction and conclusion

5. Watch the crowd

6. The role of accent, tone,

7. Body language

8. Genres: speech, rhetoric, improvisation, debate, etc.

9. Personality traits were tested.

10. Combat general anxiety and nervousness on stage.


1. Definition and Purpose

2. Operation:

3. Instructions

4. Take responsibility for GD

5. How to keep GD happy

6. Body language during GD

7. Types

8. GD personality traits tested

9. Mock DGs


1. Listening, reading, and language comprehension/telephone skills (oral communication and listening exercises)

2. Interview

3. Specific activities in writing skills.

  • Write a business letter
  • Write log
  • Circular
  • Writing Application for Jobs.
  • Write a resume

Section-10 Presentation Skills

1. View planning and structure

2. Tricks to relate to audiences and different types of audiences.

3. Effective use of Chalk & Talk, OHP, LCD, and PowerPoint.