Human Resource Management (HRM)

Overview of HRM Course

The HRM course at MIT offers a thorough introduction to the fundamental ideas, rules, and procedures of human resource management (HR). The specialisation starts with a foundational course that examines alternative methods of managing human resources, gives background information on the American legal system that governs hiring, firing, rewarding, and managing employees, and outlines the various motivations for working.

The final three HRM courses at MIT focus on three fundamental topics that all managers need to be aware of: selecting employees, assessing their performance, and rewarding them. The courses take an accessible, scientific stance that ensures best practises and helpful advice are supported by research but presented in understandable, practical ways.

Description of HRM Course

Every company's and employee's success depends on the HRM course at MIT. In addition to maintaining employee engagement and motivation to perform well, HR is in charge of ensuring compliance with regulations. Both knowledge and practise are necessary for the skill of being able to balance both equally. However, compliance is the main concern of many start-ups, small businesses, and "accidental" HR managers (administrative assistants or office managers who find they managing HR as part of their responsibilities). While labour laws and corporate policies are significant, they do not determine whether your business succeeds or fails.

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What is Human Resource Management?

The principles, techniques, and technologies used to increase an organization's productivity are the focus of human resource management. HR professionals accomplish this by implementing strategies and directives that boost workers' productivity. Employees or staffs are also referred to as the lifeblood and most valuable resource of most organizations, or human capital.

There are several different focus areas in Human Resources:
  • Recruiting and staffing
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Training and learning
  • Labour and employee relations
  • Organisation development
What you will learn in HRM Course
  • Explore the role of human resources (HR) from administrative and compliance to strategy and business growth.
  • Discover the process of recruiting great talent, from job analysis to writing interview questions and job postings.
  • Discover where to begin with a HR audit.
  • Discover a performance management process with more impact.
  • HRM Couse provides more Recruiting Training and Business growth.

Syllabus of HRM Course

Course Content of HRM Course
1Module 1: Strategic HR Implementation
  • An effective Vision and Mission statement
  • Organizational Values
  • Designing Policies and Procedures
  • Implementing Policies and Procedures
2Module 2: Organizational Design and Diversity
  • Principles of Organizational Design
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Models of Organization Design
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
3Module 3: HR Operations and Automation
  • Strategic Vs Operational HR
  • Human Resources Business Partnership
  • Shared Service Concept
  • HR Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence in HR
4Module 4: HR in Global context
  • Effects of Globalization
  • Role of Global HR
  • Achieving Global Integration
  • Key Global HR competencies
5Module 5: HR Budget and Audit
  • Developing HR budget
  • Elements of HR budget
  • Importance and areas of HR audit
  • Methods of HR audit
6Module 6: HR Process Excellence
  • People to Process Integration
  • Process Excellence Tools
  • Introduction to Lean
  • Introduction to Six Sigma
7Module 7: Must Haves as a New Age HR Manager
  • Creating High Performance Teams
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Behavior Science for Habit Hacking
  • Positive Psychology
  • Coaching
  • Handling Multi-Generation Workforce.

Benefits of learning Human Resource Management (HRM) at Solve Tech Training Institute

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  • Following each session, you'll receive the course material for your own future reference.
  • You will receive an internationally recognised certification after completing the course.


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