PLC Automation Training in Dubai

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PLC Automation Training in Dubai

If you are looking for Programmable Logic Controller Automation (PLC) training in Dubai offered by experienced and professional tutors, you have reached the right destination. Automatic programmable controls are extremely functional and are used extensively in today's industries.. Many businesses use PLCs when they need specific but versatile information across all coordinates. It is found in pharmaceutical factories, and traffic signs in other areas. Through this program, you learn how to diagnose and fix problems found in a program logic controller.

This PLC automation training program provides a strong foundation for any employee seeking advancement in this field. The duration of the course is 9-weeks, during which you will learn and adopt various knowledge and skills required to maintain equipment. We have industry experts who have over 12 years of experience in this field. Through their excellent expertise and quality performance, we can provide advanced training to the students in this field. Call us today to be a part of this exceptional PLC training program in Dubai.

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    PLC Training institute in Dubai

    Advanced PLC Program Professional(APP)

    1Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
    • Architecture of PLC- Different Modules, Power Supply Unit Etc
    • Need of PLC in Designing.
    • Different Types of Sensors- Sinking, Sourcing, NPN, PNP.
    • Monitoring the Process Through Sensors- Connection Details.
    • Analog Addressing, continuous Process Monitoring and Control.
    • Configuring Alarms.
    • Different Types of Controllers- On/Off, Proportional, Derivative, Integral and PID Control.
    • PLC Programming of Branded PlCs.
    • NO/ NC Concept.
    • Data File Handling- Forcing I/O.
    • Wiring and Trouble Shooting.
    • Programming Practices.
    • SCADA Packages
    • Role of SCADA in industrial automation
    • SCADA system configuration, RTU, communication protocols.
    • Script programming.
    • Real time and historical trend.
    • Configuring Alarms.
    • Real time project development with PLC interfacing.
    • Communication through OPC.
    • Recipe management.
    • Access control through different security levels.
    • Report generation of control plant.
    3Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    • Different types of operator Interfaces -Textual, Graphical
    • Wiring practice of HMI
    • Data handling with HMI
    • Configuration and interfacing to PLC and PC
    • Communication through- DF1, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, Profibus, Modbus, Modbus TCPVariable
    4Frequency Drive (VFD)
    • Working details of different types of Electric Motors.
    • Motor drives- AC drives and DC drives.
    • Programming and installation of VFDs.
    • Discrete and Continuous speed control using VFDs.
    • Safety And Management Concepts Of Designing A Project

    Customized Training on PLC(CTP)

    1Control Panel Designing
    • Different types of panels.
    • Basic components to be installed in a panel.
    • Wiring details of panel.
    • Basics of Relays, Contactor, MCB, MCCB, ELCB, ACB,SDF etc
    • Designing of control circuits using Contactors, Relays, Timers etc
    • DOL, Star Delta Starter designing for 3 phase motors with specification.
    • Practical wiring session on different controls.
    • Specification and physical dimension of components.
    • Earthing and Cabling of Panels- standard procedures.
    • P&I diagram preparation.

    Benefits of learning PLC Training at Solve Tech Training Institute

    • Our experienced professionals are instructing this course.
    • Solve Tech provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
    • Following each session, you'll receive the course material for your own future reference.
    • Following each session, you'll receive the course material for your own future reference.


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