HMI Training In Dubai

Best HMI Training In Dubai

HMI (HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE) is simply the way by which humans interact with machines (generally PLC). HMI can provide a graphical view and control over various process parameters involved in an Industrial Control Process (ICP). From operator's perspective HMI is an eye into process information across every type of applications in an industrial environment. Mecronics Info Tech offers HMI training program for long years. Mecronics Info Tech HMI training program is specially tailored for Professionals, Corporate Companies and Colleges. Lakhs of trainees from various countries successfully completed HMI training and placed on reputed companies all over the world.

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HMI Training institute in Dubai

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    • HMI Evolution.
    • HMI System Overview.
    • HMI Hardware Overview.
    • Operation of Standard Display Panels.
    • Tuning Parameter Display.
    • Tuning Parameters Description.
    • Feedback Control.
    • Process Alarm Management.
    • Annunciator Message Management.
    • Operator Guide Message Management.
    • Human Interface System Utility Functions.
    • Peripheral Device Connectivity.
    • Human Interface Station Configuration.
    • Field Control Station Configuration.
    • Field Wiring Schematics For Analog & Digital Signals.
    • Control Drawing Builder.
    • Feedback Control Instrument.
    • Generation
    • Software Switches.
    • Configuration.
    • Sequence Control Instrument.
    • Generation
    • Operation Windows Configuration.
    • Control Group Display.
    • Process Overview Display.
    • Trend Recording Display.
    • Process Report.
    • Historical Report.
    • Image File Utility.
    • System Status Display.
    • Fcs Configuration.
    • Sequence Tables.
    • Logic Charts.
    • His Configuration.
    • Graphic Builder.
    • Message Definition.
    • Hardware Configuration.
    • Project Common Definition.
    • I/O Module Configuration.
    • Generation of Interlocks.
    • Operation Group Overview

    Benefits of learning HMI Training at Solve Tech Training Institute

    • Our experienced professionals are instructing this course.
    • Solve Tech provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
    • Following each session, you'll receive the course material for your own future reference.
    • You will receive an internationally recognised certification after completing the course.


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