Certified Plumbing & Fire Fighting Training in Dubai

Best Fire Fighting Training in Dubai

Fire protection system design is essential in building services engineering.

Join our specialized fire fighting training course in Dubai, ideal for mechanical and electrical engineers seeking expertise in fire alarm system design and third-party design evaluation. Our state-of-the-art training center offers comprehensive theoretical and hands-on training. Learn to create technical designs for fire suppression, detection, and warning systems. Led by experienced industry professionals, our NFPA(National Fire Protection Association) courses at SOLVE TECH cover installation, commissioning, and maintenance of fire protection systems. As the premier institute for firefighting training in Dubai, UAE, SOLVE TECH ensures top-notch instruction. Contact us now for details!

Advanced Fire Fighting training in Dubai and UAE

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1Basic Knowledge
  • Fire Concept
  • NFPA Codes Representation
  • British Standard Codes Representation
  • UAE Fire code
  • Local Codes Guidelines
  • Manufacturers in UAE
  • Documents Required for Civil Defense Inspection & Apply procedure
2Fire Extinguishers
  • Types of Fire extinguishers
  • Selection of Fire Extinguishers,
  • Design Method & Distance Between
  • Type of approvals on fire extinguishers
  • Installation procedure
  • Maintenance
  • Design Practice
3Sprinkler System
  • Sprinklers Operation procedure &Types
  • Pendent Type sprinkler
  • Recessed Pendent type sprinkler
  • Concealed type pendent type sprinkler
  • Sidewall Type sprinkler
  • Pipe sizing Calculation
  • Type of pipes used
  • Sprinkler flow calculation
  • Sprinkler coverage Distance
  • Type of approvals on fire extinguishers
  • Installation procedure
  • Design Practice
4Wet Riser & Dry Riser System- Cabinet System
  • Cabinet Types & Selection (Surface type & Recessed Type)
  • Landing Valve Selection
  • Hose Reel Selection
  • Pipe sizing Calculation
  • Type of pipes used
  • flow calculation
  • coverage Distance Between Hoses
  • Type of approvals
  • Installation procedure
  • Design Practice
5Fire Pump System
  • Types of Fire Pump
  • Electrical Pump
  • Diesel Pump
  • Jockey Pump selection
  • Suction side valve selection
  • Discharge side valve selection
  • Pump Head flow calculation
  • Pump flow Calculation
  • Control panel selection
  • Pressure Gauge Operation
  • Pressure switch Operation
  • Flow meter Operation
  • Test Line Sizing
  • Delivery Head Sizing
  • Pump Plinth Sizing
  • Operation Procedure of fire pump set
  • Pump Room Sizing
  • Hydraulic calculation
  • Pipe sizing Calculation
  • Type of pipes used
  • Type of
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Design Practice
6Deluge system
  • Deluge valve selection
  • Mechanical type operation
  • Electrical type operation
  • Deluge valve Operation
  • Pipe sizing Calculation
  • flow calculation
  • Installation procedure
  • Design Practice

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    • Following each session, you'll receive the course material for your own future reference.
    • You will receive an internationally recognised certification after completing the course.


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