• To mould the learners into leaders in knowledge and to improve their employability with flying colours. Additionally, we want to strengthen our reputation as a source of excellence by offering quality-based exceptional training and development that fulfils the demands of students and clients.
  • Our objective is to provide people with the technical expertise they need to succeed in a world that is changing at a rapid pace and to face the obstacles presented by any dynamic sector.
  • To serve as a top corporate training provider in the industry sector by offering real-world, practical training.


Solve Tech has successfully established itself as a leader in the provision of Real Time Training to learners with all engineering backgrounds by delivering the most realistic form of training in the Industry Sector. We offer highly skilled, Gulf-experienced teachers with more than 10 years of expertise who provide corporate training and enhance the learners' quality of life. We are recognised as one of Hyderabad's top training facilities

A few words about Solve Tech


Solve Tech, with offices in Hyderabad – India & Duabi - UAE, and Sudan-africa was founded by technological pioneers with decades of expertise in the engineering, management, information technology, software, and automation industries throughout India and the Middle East. In the areas of ELECTRICAL, HVAC, MEP, PLUMBING, BMS, AUTOMATION, OIL & GAS, HYDRAULICS & NEUMATICS and SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS we provide a broad variety of services. Our expansion will be focused on the Gulf Region and Indian subcontinent for training, consulting, and outsourcing.

In the very competitive employment market of today, having the appropriate abilities is crucial. You may be confident that Solve Tech will teach you modern professional abilities that will equip you for employment today and in the future. Our crew always keeps track of new developments in the industry and updates our programmes to reflect the most cutting-edge practises being employed in the workplace today. Along with receiving helpful advice on attaining your professional objectives, you'll also learn about possibilities in your sector of choice. Numerous of our programmes also include "hands-on" technological experience. The success of our pupils demonstrates the effectiveness of Solve Tech Training. It is intended for time-constrained individuals who are aware of their life goals but are too busy to attend.

The programme curricula were developed with input from academics and professionals in the sector and in compliance with the needs of industry. The training institutions give the students the most advice and assistance possible during the course, enabling them to effectively finish the programmes within the allotted course time. According to the needs of the students, the programmes are taught both online and offline. The participants who successfully finish the programmes receive 100% placement support.

The credentials held by Solve Tech Training Institute are evidence of our commitment to raising worldwide standards of which we can be proud and which will maintain us at the forefront of the sector.


Future professionals in the nation are students. Students hold the key to our nation's development. Therefore, it is crucial that students have the appropriate skill set for their chosen profession. Through our well-researched, high-tech laboratories, we at Solve Tech Training make sure that the students are properly shaped in the technical abilities that they wish to gain. Additionally, students receive training from some of the greatest industry experts with years of practical work experience. Every student has something fresh to learn thanks to the large variety of certified courses we provide that are accredited both nationally and internationally. While being informed on market developments, we make sure that no stone is left unturned.


Students have always received assistance from Solve Tech Training whenever and wherever possible. We have engaged college students and staff by delivering seminars, workshops, and training sessions on the most recent technological trends on their campuses. In addition, the placement interaction drives and internship programmes we organised as part of our student welfare programme attracted a lot of students from different departments and colleges and received a positive response. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to organise such events on your college campus. You won't ever regret doing it!

Corporates & Professionals

Corporates and professionals form the foundation of their organisations. An organisation can only succeed if its employees band together to work toward a common goal. It's interesting that researchers have discovered that many of the emerging businesses and jobs that are growing quickly depend on the work capacity and skills of their employees, particularly those that enable them to think creatively, envision novel scenarios, go against the grain, and ultimately produce amazing work. Our understanding and personal experience are that many individuals, ranging from senior engineers to tech & non-tech candidates looking for Electrical Design, Industrial Automation, MEP drives, etc., frequently end up not finding the right institute with first-rate practical training facilities. At MIT, we created programmes for professionals and corporations to skill, upskill, or reskill themselves to meet industry demands. There are specialised programmes available for corporate organisations looking to train their employees as well as for professionals looking to advance their careers through skill development trainings.

Support for Active Projects

Situations may occasionally allow you to express unbiased opinions on a problem that has emerged inside your company or you may discover that you lack the resources necessary to complete a significant project.

We hereby extend our offer to act as your reliable consultant. In the areas of MEP, SOLAR, HVAC, ELECTRICAL DESIGN, BMS, AUTOMATION, and HYDRAULICS & NEUMATICS, we provide installation, surveys, and development of projects. Our team consists of skilled engineers, managers, technicians, and blue-collar workers. We promise to find dependable, practical, and reasonably priced solutions to your problems.


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