MS Office

MS Office

Microsoft Office is a necessary piece of software for editing, typing, and formatting any type of document, including essays, articles, and emails. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are all part of the Microsoft Office Course. Mecronics Info Tech provides training in Microsoft Office at all levels, from beginner to expert.

Overview of the MS Office Course

MS Office Course in Mecronics was primarily developed to use a collection of multipurpose applications to automate the manual office work. Spreadsheets, word processing, database management, email, and desktop publishing are all included in this well-known office software suite.

Categories of MS Office course
  • Ms Office Course includes – MS word(documentation)
  • Ms Office Course includes – MS excel (spread sheet)
  • Ms Office Course includes – MS power point(presentation)
  • Ms Office Course includes – MS outlook( sharing information & communication)

Objective of course

The MS Office course teaches the fundamental ideas and key elements of Microsoft Office. The delegate will be able to create various documents, spread sheets, power point presentations, share messages, create tasks, organise mail, etc. after completing this course.

This course is based on Microsoft. The course gives students a basic understanding of how the Microsoft Office programme is used by office professionals. Students gain proficiency in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Access.

Outline of course

1Ms Office Course - Ms Word Topics
  • Introduction to Styles, Themes and templates
  • Managing Bulleted and Numbered Lists Headers and Footers in large documents
  • Adding Text box, Tables, pictures, smart Art Mail merge and Tracking
  • Adding Comments and views
  • Hyperlink and Protecting Document
  • Managing files and document printing
  • Tracking and highlighting changes made to the document
  • Adding and editing tables
  • Drop cap and border setting
  • Working with Tabs and word art
  • Protecting and splitting documents
  • Working with tables
  • Importing word file and mail merge
2Ms Office Course Applications
  • Letters, Documents, Resume, Mail Merge, Greeting cards, Flyers.
3Ms Office Course - Ms Excel Topics
  • Cell Styles and Conditional Formatting
  • Paste Special
  • Text ,time and Date
  • Formulas Sorting and Filtering Lists
  • Importing and Exporting data
  • IF and Related logical
  • Functions
  • Data Validation and sparklines
  • Transferring data via advanced filter
  • Defining Name and removingoft
  • Duplicate values
  • Basic Functions like sum, average, count, max and min etc.
  • Sorting data and calculating subtotal for the related tables
  • Time and text functions
  • Date and concatenate functions
  • Consolidation
  • Hyperlink and text to columns
  • Payroll calculations
  • Pivot Tables
  • Shared Workbooks
  • Tracking Protecting
  • Worksheets Linking
  • Embedding
  • Data analyzing and Scenarios
  • Sumif ,countif and averageif functions
  • Creating and customizing pivot table with charts
4Applications of Ms Office Course
  • Spreadsheets
  • Charts
  • Numerical Calculations
  • Formulas
  • Financial Functions
  • Dashboard & look up
5Ms Office Course - Ms Power Point Topics
  • Introduction to Microsoft
  • PowerPoint Creating a Presentation
  • Managing Text, pictures and charts Presentation
  • Designs and Formatting
  • Printing PowerPoint Presentations Simple Animations
  • Running Slide Shows
  • Creating transitions between slides Integrating with Word and Excel Multimedia Objects
  • Adding video and graphics Customizing the worksheet view
6Applications of Ms Office Course
  • Professional presentation Demonstration
  • Lecture Speech
  • It can include text, images, movie clip, audio, video and graphics.
7Ms Office Course - Ms Outlook Topics
  • Customize message settings
  • Organize and locate outlook messages
  • Set calendar options Creating tasks and notes
  • Creating mail with contacts Creating and sending message Archiving outlook data

Benefits of learning MS Office at Solve Tech Training Institute

  • Our experienced professionals are instructing this course.
  • Solve Tech provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
  • Following each session, you'll receive the course material for your own future reference.
  • You will receive an internationally recognised certification after completing the course.


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